Weird Ways the Government is Spying on You, Every day!

You don’t have to believe in the illuminati or other conspiracy theories to know that governments around the world do spy on their people. Whether it’s for national security or maybe they’re just a little nosey, here are just some of the ways THEY are spying on you.

1. License Place Readers

It’s actually pretty difficult to avoid being detected, unless of course you don’t drive anywhere, ever. At toll booths and along highways there are plenty of cameras that are meant to capture crashes, pinpoint criminals and of course for our safety…

2. Credit and loyalty cards

Ever wonder why your online shopping is tailored perfectly to your likes and dislikes? Well, every time you pop in that credit card number the system is recognising what you’re buying and keeping track of it. This makes it easy for the government to know what people are spending their money on.

3. Public Space Cameras

Call them CCTV cameras if you like but what they are all doing is surveying us. When you exit one store and walk along the sidewalk to another you are probably being filmed. Sometimes these types of cameras are actually useful when there has been a robbery or assault but even if you haven’t been involved in something like that your face is still probably logged in the system.

4. Car gadgets

It’s wonderful having a built in GPS and all those nifty add on’s in your car isn’t it? While it might be great for you, it’s always an excellent way for complete strangers to have access to where you’re driving. Something to keep in mind next time you tap in your next destination…

5. Social media

This one is fairly obvious right? Most people know that social media is one of the easiest and most convenient ways for not only the government to spy on your but anyone really who knows how to hack a little. It’s not so much to have a snoop at your selfies but more monitoring sensitive and high alert words like terror or security.

6. Internet

Just like with social media, you should be aware that the government has a particular interest in what you’re typing into Google. So long as you don’t type any words that might hint you’re learning how to make explosives you should be fine but don’t be surprised if Homeland Security comes knocking at your door.

7. Drones

This has been a particularly hot topic in recent years as across the globe multiple government agencies have started using the devices to survey everything from well-known crime ridden suburbs to peeping through people’s windows. However, it might not always be a legal drone that’s hovering over your home so if you do suspect someone ELSE is spying on you, call the police, that’s what they’re there for.

via TheRichest