10 Universities Where the Super Rich Go

When you have unlimited funds, attending a prestigious university is a no brainer. Why go to an average one when you can go to the best of the best? From Dubai to Massachusetts, you can be sure all of these universities have top quality well, everything! Don’t get too jealous though a lot of these universities hand out scholarships to people who aren’t millionaires.

10. American University in Dubai

Not only is it in the land of oil and wealth, this prestigious university is also well known for its luxury cars. Not owned by the college of course but the students! From the car park to lecture halls you’ll surely pass Range Rovers and Aston Martins.

9. Stanford University

This iconic American University pumped out so many Silicon Valley businessmen and women that people say if you want to make it in the start-up haven you need to go to Stanford. However, if you’re a rich kid it’s a great place to make connections and you know be rich. Thanks to the legacy admission policy the halls are packed full of well-known families and their offspring.

Stanford University


8. University of London

If you want to be a millionaire – go to the University of London. World famous and rich in history and culture, this Uni is incredible in more ways than one. Including the fact that nearly half of the students do not have to take out any sort of loan to pay for their tuition, wonder who is footing the bill? Their parents of course!

7. University of Mumbai

A lot of the people sitting in the halls of this University are millionaires in their own right, having inherited it from their families. According to the Indian Times, there are more trust fund millionaires here than in Brown or Princeton. It’s fair to say the richest kids in India pick the University of Mumbai to study!

6. University of Pennsylvania

The future President of the United States – Donald Trump attended this Ivy League college, oh and two of his children. Along with numerous other celebrities like Joan Rivers and Denzel Washington. Not only is it a popular choice among the glitterati but around 30% of their students have parents who earn over $250,000.

5. Oxford University

Only one university can claim to be the longest running in the English speaking world and that’s Oxford. After decades of only educating the uber rich, the head of admissions of the university was overheard saying that they didn’t want to just have “thick rich” kids studying. Since then, they have made an attempt to broaden their student demographic.

4. Yale University

Penn State might have Donald but Yale will always be the proud educator of George W Bush. With nearly 70% of the students having parents who earn over $100,000 a year and only 10% of students being there on scholarships, it’s fair to say it is mostly rich kids at Yale. Or at least the seriously, seriously well off kids.

3. Brown University

While most Universities pride themselves on having intellectual alumni that end up being the head of companies and businesses, Brown wins the award for having the most celebrity offspring. From Steven Spielberg to Emma Watson it’s mostly Hollywood protégés that end up at Brown. For millennial’s who watched Gossip Girl you might remember Blair Waldorf saying Brown was for trustafarians (trust fund babies plus rastafarians)

3. Brown University universities super rich


2. Columbia University

Do you have a spare $64,000 per year for tuition? Well looks like you won’t be able to go to Columbia! Not only do they have an alarmingly low admission rate – less than 11% but it’s well known for its exclusivity. So unless your parents invented the Pop Tart, you probably won’t get in.

1. Harvard University

Like most of the college’s on the list, Harvard has a low admission rate, tones of rich kids and expensive tuition fees. What makes this Ivy League different is the rumours of the secret society of rich kids. Hazing, trips to Iceland and surprise weekends in Moscow, the stories are legendary and that is what makes this university number one for rich kids.

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