Top 10 Most Insane Bank Heists

Usually, crazy robberies complete with millions of dollars are kept on screen but sometimes they make their way into the real world. From forced heists to the most elaborate and well thought out schemes, these next ten bank heists will have you thinking, maybe I could do that…

10. The pizza delivery bomber.

Now, this robbery didn’t get world wide attention because of the amount of cash that was stolen (a mere $8,000) but because it appeared that the man doing the robbing was forced to take part in the set up. Brian Wells was killed when a bomb that was fastened to his neck was detonated by one of his partners in crime. However more conspiracy theories have popped up since the incident claiming Wells was in fact shot.

9. Northern Bank Robbery.

Whereas Wells only got away with $8,000, these nifty robbers snatched around $50 million! Making it one of the largest bank heists in British history. The Northern Bank in Belfast, Ireland was stripped of their cash when a group of career criminals took the head of the bank hostage. That’s right instead of doing the deed themselves they forced the bank’s employees to do the stealing…

8. Craigslist Robber.

Not all bank robberies end with the perps on the run for the rest of their lives. Back in 2008 a man posted an ad for a job, the only criteria were for the candidates to show up wearing a yellow vest, respirator and a hard hat. While they were waiting outside the Bank of America, he snatched some cash. After being turned in by a homeless man, the robbery now makes a living giving inspirational speeches.

7. The Graff Diamonds Robbery.

Most people planning any type of heist think about using some sort of disguise. Maybe a balaclava or mask? Well the robberies who made off with $65 million dollar’s worth of diamonds hid in plain sight. They used make up trickery to fool the CTV cameras. Although since then about 10 people have been arrested for their part in the heist, the diamonds have never been recovered.

6. The blind bank robber.

Robert Toye managed to rob 17 banks throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Even more impressive – he is legally blind. After getting out of jail for mail fraud Toye went on to rob banks from New York to Las Vegas. His scheme was simple, he handed the bank teller a playing card that had written on the back “Be quick, be quiet or you’re dead. Put all the cash in the bag. I have a gun”. After being caught nearly a decade later he confessed that he had given most of the stolen money to charity.

5. Failed robbery.

Usually a bank heist is foiled when a security guard or quick thinking bank teller is able to sound the alarm. However, in Louisiana in 2008 the plan came crashing down for two would be robbers when one of them changed their mind, during the heist. Apparently he tackled his partner to the ground whilst screaming “Don’t take that woman’s money”. It’s important to note that he was later to have been found with cocaine in his mouth.

4. Evil Santa Claus.

Marshall Ratliff was the subject of the biggest man hunt in Texas’ history when not only did he attempt to rob a bank but he also kidnapped two girls, all while dressed as Santa. Back in 1927 Ratliff was a ex con looking for quick cash but his plan came undone when a little girl and her mother alerted the police when they stumbled upon Santa robbing a bank. What ensued over the coming months was far worse than any actual bank robbing and eventually Ratliff was hung after being captured by angry local men.

3. Robbers in drag.

Named as one of the most brazen bank heists in recent years, the robbery of Harry Winston diamonds in 2008 was so outrageous mainly because the two men responsible, dressed as women. After herding the employees into a corner and stealing over $100 million dollars worth of jewels, they disappeared. The two men have never been caught and it is believed they are actually part of a much larger crime syndicate known as the Pink Panthers.

2. Dictator’s always win.

Once Saddam Hussein realised that a war with the West was imminent, he ordered his son to go to the bank to fetch some cash. Seems harmless right? Except that Hussein was demanding the bank employees load $900 million dollars onto two trucks. Turns out when you’re a dictator you usually get what you want. The problem is, nobody can say for certain whether or not what Hussein did that day was illegal.

1. The hacker heist.

Now, this one is impressive mainly because these Russian geniuses were able to steal $1 billion dollars, all from the safety of their homes. Yes, that’s right. This group of tech savvy robbers managed to get passed the banks security systems and transfer themselves money. It took months to complete and the gang still hasn’t been found…

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