10 Countries You Can Start a New Life

Are you looking to make a life change? Do you crave adventure or just need a place where you can relax and potentially get a bit of a break, oh and a tax break of course! From the Caribbean to South East Asia these next ten countries will inspire you to pick up everything and move!

07 Albania


10. Singapore

Not only is Singapore home to some of the most accommodating and accepting people in the world but the style of living is something a lot of people flock to this tropical island for. From streets so clean you could lick them to a booming economy, Singapore is the place to be!

9. The Bahamas

With a unique tax system that favours small business owners and billionaires The Bahamas is a business minded person’s heaven! Oh and the weather isn’t too bad either. Compared to other Caribbean nations the cost of living is relatively low and the average temperature is a balmy 78 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be difficult to find something to complain about!

8. The United Arab Emirates

Specifically Dubai, has become such a hot spot for expatriates around the world because of its friendly tax policies and high standard of living. As long as you are willing to pay a little extra you will reap the benefits of living in this state of the art country. It also has a relatively steady economy compared to not only the rest of the Middle East but the rest of the world as well.

7. Ksamil Beach, Albania

While neighbouring Greece and Croatia are booming tourist attractions, Albania has remained under the radar for quite some time. It is significantly cheaper than the rest of Europe with the average meal costing about 90 cents and has some of the best beaches in the world! Kick back, relax and enjoy being a cocktail without worrying about the cost!

6. Indonesia

If you hail from North America or Europe you’ll be surprised by the strength of your currency in Indonesia. Take advantage of the low cost of living, friendly locals and set yourself up on one of the many islands Indonesia has to offer. While Bali is the most popular there are literally thousands to pick from!

5. Japan

If you are a health conscious person who is looking for a way to make sure you live longer, Japan is where you need to be! With some of the oldest people in the world and a diet consisting mainly of seafood and anti-oxidants, oh and green tea you know that your body will thank you! Plus, Japan has one of the best health systems in the world, with the government paying for around 70% of medical bills. With a pretty high cost of living, Japan isn’t for everyone.

4. Denmark

This Scandinavian country consistently ranks as having the happiest population, in the world! It’s for good reason too. With a only 2% of the population claiming they work “Very long hours” their work life balance is like none other in the world. A recent study found that most people spend 16 hours of the day working, socialising, spending time with family, relaxing and eating. Denmark is for someone who needs a break from stressful work days!

3. Hong Kong

With a favourable tax system and steady economy in recent years Hong Kong has become popular for tourists and expats. If you are looking for something to invest in, Hong Kong is the place to be. Enjoy the proximity to China and the rest of Asia while also benefitting from the low cost of living.

2. Mexico

If you live in the United States and are looking for a country that offers value for money then Mexico might be for you. While it is just across the border there are so many differences! As long as you have your own steady income you can live in Mexico for a whole lot less (and with a better quality of life). Enjoy the laid back atmosphere, the food and the culture!

1. Monaco

While becoming an official resident of Monaco requires you to jump through a few hoops, the benefits severely outweigh the negative aspects. Essentially, residents of Monaco live relatively tax free! As long as you aren’t a French you will be able to live there as long as you are employed there or you can show they are filthy rich.